established: 1999 (as spin design)

design disciplines:
advertising (print+digital)
art/photo direction
brochures/collateral (print+digital)
interactive (web+specialty)

areas of specialty:
Branding and Rebranding (design and strategy)
Corporate Identity
New Product Introduction (design, strategy, logistics)

The standards to which we hold ourselves:
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2 FiVE 8 identity+strategy is a design firm specializing in effective digital and printed visual solutions for a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sector. Small and nimble, 2FiVE 8 is uniquely qualified to be your creative partner. Why? You work directly with the creative team focused on using graphic design to turn an ordinary message into an extraordinary one. Integrity and collaboration. Timeliness. Exceptional client service. Effective creative solutions.
This is 2 FiVE 8.

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